ICT Employability Skills Training

Details on the ICT Employability Skills Training Program

ICT Employability Skills Training
The CYEI Employability Skill Training program offers a wide range of certificate aligned and other ICT courses and a bouquet of business and management development courses
Program Objective
The CYEI Employability Skills Training program is aimed at helping you to get a quality job in an increasingly global and digital economy
Who is it for?
Unemployed graduates who are looking to launch themselves into an attractive career
What is on offer?
You can view the list of ICT certification courses available here
Click here to see the range of employability skills courses on offer quite apart from the ICT certification aligned courses

*Time has been separately provided for Induction and Orientation, ICT Proficiency Course and Business Ethics and Values

Tip: Pick courses that are consistent with your career interest recalling those earlier mapped to your abilities and aptitude.

Program Structure
The CYEI ICT Employability Skills Training Program is structured in a full time format. Two streams will run in parallel from 9.00am to 5.00pm with a one hour break at 1.00pm on
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Stream A)
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (Stream B)


The timings for the program is as follows:

ICT Employability Skills

Deadline for

Induction and Orientation






Stream A

Stream B

21 Oct

21 Oct

28 Oct

28 Oct

29 & 31 Oct

29 & 31 Oct

2 Nov

1 Nov

10 Mar 2017

10 Mar 2017

* Allows for a 3 week holiday from the 19th of December