Entrepreneurship Studies

Details on the Entrepreneurship Studies Program

Entrepreneurship Studies
The CYEI Entrepreneurship Studies Program is designed to also fulfill the requirements of the ABE UK Business Start-Up Level 3 Certificate qualification.
Program and Qualification Objective
The CYEI Entrepreneurship Program which encompasses the ABE Business Start-Up qualification is aimed at helping you to start a business of your own and to run it successfully
Who is it for?
Unemployed graduates who have an idea but no business experience
What will I learn?
  • Your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses and a personal development plan
  • How to research and build a business proposition
  • How to analyze competitors
  • How to write a business plan
  • How to value the business and pitch it to potential investors
  • Legal requirements in Nigeria
  • What you need to do to raise your skills
  • How to manage a business day to day
  • How to recognize when things are going wrong
  • Relevant ICT skills for business in an increasingly global and digital economy
  • Business ethics and values in our challenging business environment
Key capabilities – what you will learn



Element 1: Analyze entrepreneurial and market potential

· Assess the marketing environment and how it impacts and influences your business idea

· Assess you own capability against the need of your proposed business venture

Element 2: Build the business idea

· Scoping and writing a business idea – what it might look like, feel like, act like, and researching the market to make sure the business idea is of interest to your customers

Element 3: Plan the marketing approach

· Build the unique selling proposition, knowing who the customer and market is and how creating the scope of the product and/or service, pricing it, promoting it, selling it, servicing it and building brand recognition

Element 4: Plan the operations

· Ability to identify the need for the right legal set up for the new business venture, whilst identifying the right people, operational processes and resources for the new business set up

Element 5: Plan the budget

· Develop a funding and operational budget for the new business start-up, including a daily cash flow along with setting key business performance indicators to monitor performance

Element 6: Create the business plan and pitch

· Develop a business plan that incorporates all of the above

· The ability to pitch and present effectively for business funding from a range of sources

Element 7: Venture Initiation

  • Incorporation of own company

· How to tap into CYEI entrepreneurship support network

Element 8: ICT proficiency and skills for your business plan

· ICT proficiency skills (compulsory)

· Pick from a selection of ICT courses as relevant to business plan (electives)

Element 9: Business Ethics and Values

· Ethical challenges in Nigerian business environment and values-in-action for sustainability and social responsibility

Element 10: Presentation of business plan

· Presentation of business plan to invited guests

Computerized business games and simulations will be tailored for experiential learning for Elements 1-6 and to develop your entrepreneurial capacity overall
How will ABE UK Business Start-Up qualification be assessed?
The qualification would be assessed by combination of formative and summative assessments. Students will complete a formative assignment for each of the first five Elements which will then contribute to the final summative assessment for Element 6 which will form a business plan.
Who will mark the assessment?
CYEI teachers will mark the assignments and then submit them to ABE for moderation
Specific levels of attainment
The ABE UK Business Start-Up certificate will be graded on the basis of Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail
Program Structure
The CYEI Entrepreneurship Program which encompasses the ABE Business Start-Up qualification is structured in a full time format. Classes run from 9.00am to 5.00pm with a one hour break at 1.00pm, Monday to Friday, for 15 weeks. There will be frequent evening assignments.
The timing for the October 2016 set of the Entrepreneurship Studies program is as follows:

Deadline for Application

Deadline for Payment

Induction and Orientation




Entrepreneurship Studies

21 Oct

28 Oct

29 & 31 Oct

1 Nov 2016

10 Mar 2017

* Allows for a 3 week holiday from the 19th of December
Next Step
If you are interested in enrolling for the Entrepreneurship Studies program, tell us about your business ideas and the passions driving your entrepreneurial interest by clicking here to apply
For detailed syllabus for the ABE UK Business Start-Up qualification click here to download