Executive Director’s welcome

Executive Director’s Welcome

To our prospective students and representatives of partner organizations, potential sponsors, donors and teachers, many of whom would be volunteers, I welcome and invite you to explore our website and visit our Learning Center at IPM Road Alausa, Ikeja – nexus of the government industrial complex in Lagos State.
We will be striving for a great learning experience for our students and that our service at the Center is efficient and responsive. Because we are in this for the long term, we intend to earn the trust of stakeholders who share our dream for the day when the scourge of graduate unemployment will be a thing of the past.
In summary we are committed to mobilize shared passions around the common cause – the eradication of graduate unemployment – by providing the best possible education and support to our students to start a business of their own or get a quality job in an increasingly global and digital economy. And to do all these in a way that is sustainable, affordable, accessible, flexible and replicable nationwide.
If and when you choose to enroll as a student or to support CYEI, you will meet the warmest of welcome and friendly staff.

Rufus Idris

Executive Director