Message from Director of Entrepreneurial Studies

Message from the Director of Entrepreneurship Studies

I especially invite and will be welcoming you to the Entrepreneurship Studies program at this time in Nigeria and in a model youth empowerment institution like CYEI. Just when Nigeria is at the threshold of economic transformation youth unemployment is at record level; 5.3m youths are jobless and 1.8m graduates enter the labor market every year according to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2014. But an October 2012 survey of over 12,000 ABE students in 28 African countries including Nigeria identified the top two remedies as:
  • support for people to set up their own business (47%) and
  • education geared to skills that match available jobs (14%)
At CYEI we have researched and thought carefully about what it takes to achieve consistently high rates of success for business start-up and sustained business growth for the unemployed graduate in Nigeria. From assessing the entrepreneurial credentials of applicants to turning your business idea into a credible business plan, learning how to run the business with computerized simulations, through to a post graduation support network for venturing and making entrepreneurship a life-long learning experience.
I would be joining and working with a strong faculty of teachers who have requisite business related qualification and ‘sufficient evidence of business experience and insights which they are able to draw upon in order to deliver this course effectively’. We are constantly reminded that ‘entrepreneurs are not born, they are educated’.
See you at the 2-day induction and orientation program on the 6th of October

George E Thorpe

Director of Entrepreneurship Studies