About CYEI

Welcome to the CCTL Youth Empowerment Initiative CYEI.

CYEI, as the name implies, is a not-for-profit trustee company incorporated for the purpose of providing learning experiences that ‘empower’ i.e. enhance individual capacity of unemployed graduates in Lagos State to start a business of their own or get a quality job in an increasingly global and digital economy (in Lagos State in general and Ikeja LGA in particular).
Our approach is two-pronged:
  • We offer Entrepreneurship Studies which will teach the students the principles of business and equip them with the skills needed to start their own businesses and become employers of labour.
  • We train the youth on employability and ICT skills; this will ensure they remain relevant in the workplace as the world gradually evolves into a global village connected by technology.
Our goal is to ensure that our myriad of course offerings are made available to them in an enabling environment comprising of in-house mentors, a world class faculty and a closely-knit community of students preparing for success.